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Utah: Fault Line Trail – St. George, UT

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Fault Line Trail – St. George, UT

Recently we spent a couple hours on the Fault Line trail in St. George, UT while we were in the area. For those who are not familiar with St. George, UT it is a beautiful and highly scenic place located in southern Utah, about 20 minutes north of the Arizona border. Many of the landmark features are similar to Moab, UT. St. George features bright red slick rock along with high rising mountains, plateaus, and red sand dunes. For those who are also interested in photography and historic sites you will not be disappointed. Some of the options are numerous petroglyphs and even dinosaur tracks that are still visible today.

Those who are not familiar with the area would not consider St. George an excellent place to go off-roading, especially with Moab (the mecca of the off-road world) so nearby. If you know the area however you will quickly find that St. George is easily as fun and challenging as Moab and offers just as many trails and obstacles to tackle.


The Fault Line trail can be accessed by taking exit 10 off of I-15 heading either north or south on the freeway. From I-15 you will head south on N 3050 E and turn east at the first light onto W State Street. Follow W State Street until you reach S 300 E. There will be a Dominoes’ pizza place on your left on the corner and you may also notice that W State Street turns into E Telegraph Street. Turn south on S 300 E and follow it down over the Virgin River until you reach E Washington Dam Road on your left. Take E Washington Dam Road heading east. You will follow this road until it turns from pavement to gravel. Keep going until you hit the fork in the road. The road will naturally take you to the right and up a hill that will then drop down into the starting point of the trail. You will cross a cattle guard and then there will be an open area to your right with hundreds of ATV and off-road trails. Follow the attached Google earth path to find the trail head.

Google Maps Link

Trail Description:

The Fault Line trail is a basic trail that offers some fun obstacles that most can tackle. It is a beginners trail that will excite and provide opportunities for beautiful photographic views and scenery. Most ledges are 24” tall or smaller. You will encounter some areas of very steep inclines and declines. There are a couple areas that will require spotters. There is no chance of body damage on this trail if taken slowly and with care.

Once you have completed the main portion of the trail there are numerous others that are off-shoots to other exciting and challenging trails. Be aware that some will require highly modified vehicles to complete and should not be done alone. For more information about trails in this area please contact us at info@cbioffroadfab.com or 208-528-0664.

Please see photos and video from our trail ride below in sequential order and with further descriptions.

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