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Meadow Creek Road Trail

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Idaho: Meadow Creek Road Trail

LOCATION: Take Yellowstone/East Ririe Highway east out of Idaho Falls to Meadow Creek Road just past the Hillview Sinclair gas station.

GOOGLE MAP: Meadow Creek Road Trail

HIGHLIGHTS: The best part about this trail is that it is close to town and can be a last minute idea. Trail features beautiful views of the canyon and farm lands and also of Rire Reservoir. Also there are plenty of opportunities to see moose, deer, elk, and a variety of birds!

DIFFICULTY: This road/trail is well maintained. It is gravel and dirt combination and is fairly smooth. There are a couple of steep sections on the alternate route to the reservoir lookout but nothing major. No need for 4WD unless you feel more comfortable with it. Road is well suited for your adventure bike also!

TIME & DISTANCE: Length of the trail is around 40 miles and you can plan on spending 2 to 3 hours with the alternate routes included. You can also shorten the ride as much as you want.