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Here is what a few of our customers have had to say recently. It is our goal to have every customer completely satisfied with their products and ordering experience.

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Mark Manwell It looks great! I have it on a 2005 Trailblazer LS EXT. I have a full size 32" tire, hi lift jack and a Rotopax gas can that I also mounted to the carrier. I did do some other modifications for the licence plate light wiring. I drilled a hole by the licence plate mount and fished a wire through and then out from the base of the mount into the hitch and protected the wiring with skin. That was the best way I could conceal the wire and it still looks great. The only part of it that you can see is at the base of the hitch. I also was able to use some longer bolts on the tire mount to move the tire out about 2 1/2 inches so that it has clearance to open the glass window. So along with a few mods and tweaks, the tire carrier is awesome and looks great and I cant wait to try everything out on the trails. Thank you all so much for a terrific product. You guys are awesome!!

~Mark Manwell

Mark Manwell

What a nice little piece of design and fabrication. (Fold down tire carrier)

William B.

I ordered a Premium fold down tire carrier for my Porsche Cayenne Diesel - I wanted a full size spare for road trips as the Cayenne Diesel is delivered with an inflatable temporary spare. After some online searching, I came across CBI Offroad Fabrication and left a message on their answering service. Nathan returned my call shortly thereafter and after a short discussion when it became obvious that Nathan was very knowledgeable about their products, I ordered the tire carrier. The email followup confirming my order and the email notification about shipment were timely and the tire carrier arrived about three weeks after order, as promised. The tire carrier is very well made and exactly what I wanted. The only opportunity for improvement would be to send a description of parts shipped and how they fit together as it was not immediately obvious to me and I had to refer to some online photographs to clarify this. In conclusion, I am very impressed with the product and service and would recommend CBI Offroad Fabrication to my friends.

Darryl D.

Robert R.Got the sliders on. Fit and look awesome! Also a picture of my old Taco with your sliders.

Robert R.

Eric F.I guess you could say I tried to forge my own trail? Anyway, full front bumper got me over the guard rail (and likely saved me from a MUCH harsher impact and more damage to the truck) and rear bumper (and hitch) hooked onto the guard rail stopping my forward progress from continuing. You build some stout shit, so from a customer who has regrettably tested them at high speeds, thank you.

Eric F.

Ed R.The bike rack is awesome - great job you guys!

Ed R.

, I have installed the hidden front receiver and winch for my 2005 4runner and really love it. Perfect fit. I used it to pull 2 seadoos on a double trailer up a muddy bank this past weekend. Let me avoid a 20 minute ride to the launching ramp and much more fun.

Jimmy G.

Michael R.Got the tire carrier today. It looks awesome! Welds look really good. Thank you again!


Michael R.

Roy A.Just wanted to tell you guys the bumper is finally on and it is great. Took me less than 30 minutes to mount and it fit like a glove...

Much Thanks....

Roy ....

Roy A.

Christopher C.Below is a picture of my CBI bumper that I acquired from TacoDoc. I want to replace my current AT can holder with one our yours. BTW, I love the bumper and it performs flawlessly.

Christopher C.

Aaron J.Just got back from Big Bend a few days ago and wanted to share some pics. Also wanted to give you feed back that after about 250 miles of trails everything has held up great. AWESOME QUALITY!!

Aaron J.

Paul O.Thank you for the premium tire carrier. Fits like a glove! Very happy with the way it turned out. Steve even called me with the suggestion of not including the hitch receiver because it would have stuck out to far. Excellent customer service!

Paul O.

Kevin J.I’ve got my front receiver hitch installed with my K2 Plow. Works awesome!

Thanks for your help with this.

I’ll definitely post a photo and write-up on that Tacoma World forum… when I have some free time.

I’ve got my eye on your rear bumper, Trail Rider 2.0. Maybe in the spring 😉

Kevin J.

I just picked up my bushmaster 2.0 that I had ordered through The Gear Shop. Fantastic initial impression by the way. Build quality is impressive.

Tyler A.

Michael H.Thing is amazing!

Michael H.

Just received the tire carrier and am very pleased with it, thanks very much.

Premium fold down tire carrier

Neale W.

I received the bumper with swing and accessories the other day. What a great packing job you guys do. I don't see how anything could get damaged in shipping. It came flawless. Its apparent to see that you take great pride in the workmanship that goes into each of these bumpers, which are amazing and very very well thought out. I love the jerry cans and carrier which really fill up the wasted space beside my tire.

I think the bumper balances out the looks of my truck, which was already the envy of most of the guys in my town. Now the back is getting more looks than the rest of the truck. Great friendly service and I'd recommend you guys to anyone who's looking for quality products at a fair price. See attached pics of the truck. Thanks again!!

TR2.0 and swing away

Robert B.

It was a fun build! I don't really think there could be improvements, it went together fairly easy once I got started. DIY 2nd Gen 4runner

Jeremy Hitt

Patrick H.Product is great and top notch. Here's a pic of your weld on sliders, everyone likes them.

Patrick H.

The bumper came in great shape and looks amazing! Great work, just what I've seen and heard about. I'll definitely be posting some pictures on your Facebook page when its done! (3rd gen plate bumper)

Konrad K.

Ken W.Here is a shot of the bumper you made for me this spring. It is the bomb! The location is the top of the Murphy Hogback on The White Rim Trail in Canyon Lands National Park. I put a third brake lite in the center of the spare tire mount and a bottle opener on the inside of the gas can holder. Your product is top shelf all the way. Thanks.

Ken W.

Jeff E.I really like the front receiver for my Tacoma. The installation was pretty easy. The only change I would make to the hitch is additional holes to be able to remount the front bumper skid plate.

Jeff E.

The shipping experience was good. Arrived well protected and in great condition.
My initial impression is that the tire carrier is extremely well designed and put together.
I am extremely satisfied with my tire carrier and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great alternative to an entire bumper system - suits my needs perfectly.

After install and driving a few days one hitch bolt loosened slightly (to be expected). Tightened and drove another week, still tight, expecting no issues.

The only complaint I have is that the hitch pin (that holds the tire carrier vertical and is removed to fold down) does not easily go through. It enters from one side easily but the other side is just slightly out of alignment but it is just off enough that I must use a rubber mallet to get the pin through. I'll just grind off a little more to open the hole very slightly... it could just be the difference of the powder coat. That said, I'm extremely impressed by the design.

Steve D.

Sorry for the late response, but we just got the bumper on this weekend.

Holy cow, that thing is awesome. I had my Brother help me, and he is a serious enthusiast. Needless to say, he wants one badly for his second generation 4runner!

The quality of workmanship, the method of shipping--it all was great!

I look forward to more purchases with your company! (3rd gen plate bumper)

Bill P.

Vincent H. The shipping was fast and I was constantly updated. The install went smoothly. The swing away hub lock on the right side was missing 2 nuts, no biggie. The only other thing is the hub for swing away is not at a complete 90 degree from bumper which gives it a very slight look of tilting back, very slight. I will be leveling the rear of my truck to compensate for the added weight and should take care of that. I especially liked the tow hitch and license plate area and use of stock license plate lights. All in all I would say it's a 9 out of a perfect 10. Good job and thanks again. P.S. it even makes my dented quarter panel look good again.

Vincent H.

Just got back from an awesome short trip. The sliders welded up perfectly. They look great and the workmanship is obvious.
I look forward to doing business again in the future.

Thomas H.

Hey I finely got around to putting on the bumper looks great exactly what I was looking for.

Adam W.

I did receive the Spare Holder and it is being mounted to my vehicle. The workmanship looks great and all the parts were there. My mechanic was able to figure it all out easily. I will send pictures when it is complete and the tire is mounted. Thanks for your help. It's very much appreciated.
(Custom fold down tire carrier)

Richard G.

The bumper arrived in great contion without damage. I test installed everything in about 2 hours. the bumper fit perfectly every nut and bolt without any massaging or modification. Ive installed 3 other rear bumpers this one is by far the easiest and best installs ive had. I am very happy with my purchase and I will definitely refer others to CBI. 10 out of 10


Matthew K.

Gary C.I finally got around to installing the bumper. The bumper looked great when I first picked it up with no damage. I am very happy with the bumper overall and there were no issues with the installation.
Thanks again.

Gary C.

Yes I received the bumper and it looks great! Shipping was quick and the driver was very helpful getting the pallet unloaded. I am very impressed with both the design and the quality of construction on the bumper. Due to work schedule I probably won't have a chance to install it until next weekend but I am definitely looking forward to getting it mounted on my truck! I would rate my overall experience with CBI very highly : )

Thanks again!


Bumper is ON. My CBI fit perfect, all holes lined up and ZERO shimming was needed to get it level. I literally plopped it on and put the bolts in.

CBI: So I thought I would post my own personal review of my experience with CBI. After hearing of their mounting issues and seeing what BFAD went through with his bumper, I was honestly a little apprehensive about the whole purchase. I do think that the negative feedback on these forums is bad for business on a large scale, and I was really happy when I saw CBI trying to reach out and contact all their bumper owners, trying to find a solution to their issue.

Customer Service: Throughout my experience with them, Nathan was extremely responsive to all of my emails and answered all my questions very promptly. The bumper took a little longer than I initially had hoped, but CBI did not jerk me around, they kept me updated on when the bumper would go out and told me after about a week that it would be delayed. I think I waited 6 or 7 weeks from order date until it was delivered to my US address. I also made some minor changes to the lower tube design and I was sent a photo of the changes they had made to my bumper, before it was shipped, so I could make sure it was how I wanted it. Nathan had seen a couple of my posts regarding how worried I was with bumper fitment on this forum and PM'd me, assuring me that it would fit and that they would remedy it if something was not correct. After the bumper was sent, I was sent an email asking how the purchase had gone, like "what are your initial impressions, how was the customer service..." which I think is a great way to try and get feedback from the end-user..

Bumper fitment: Nathan had assured me that they were aware of their fitment issues and had found a way to resolve them. Whatever they did worked as my bumper bolted up flawlessly. All of the mounting holes lined up and it simply bolted on. I adjusted it along the 4sliding mounting points (2 per side) to make sure that the bumper was on as square as possible, then bolted the whole thing up after drilling my frame holes. I honestly don't think it could have fit any nicer knowing the inconsistencies between all of our 4Runners.

In MY experience I would not hesitate to deal with CBI again in the future. I actually had a random guy in a Chevy 1/2 ton approach me just to tell me how much he liked my rear bumper today.

Addison R.

Bumper looks great, very happy. (3rd gen 4runner rear)

Joshua B.

Bumper came out great. I think you'll like the way the truck is coming out. I'm a rolling CBI promoter now.
I'll definitely send you some pics soon.
Thanks again (3rd gen Front bumper)


My dad had them waiting for me when I got home today. They look great! I probably won’t get around to mounting them up until next week, but I will send over pictures when there on. I'll definitely be posting on TTORA and Expo. what a pleasure it's been dealing with Steve and yourself. I would love to show my support for CBI. Thanks again and I'll be in touch.


Sliders showed up and look great. It'll be a few days to get them on, but I'll let you know how it goes and eventually get a few pics over to you.
Thanks for making this so easy.


I received the bumper and have installed it already. It looks bad ass. I am very pleased with the design, finish and overall look of the bumper. My 4runner is all black so it matches well, it looks like something out of mad max and unlike any other runner out there. They did a really good job on the powder coating and the welds are perfect. As soon as I get some descent photos I'll send them to you and I'll post them online with a link to your sight in all the yota forums I belong to. Thank you for your help and assistance through the process I would give CBI an overall high rating.


So anyways the point of my post here, i just installed a new CBI rear bumper yall should have a look at.

This bumper is an absolute and beautiful work of art. I could not be happier with it. I still have some things to finish and tidy up, like wiring the lights and such, but here she is in all of her glory.

I ordered the standard rear with swing away, hi lift mount, double jerry can holder, exhaust port, folding table, light buckets, and work light, and powder coat for all.

Again i could not be happier, this ass armor is something else. If any of you are thinking or rear bumper options you should check them out, Nathan was very patient and helpful, even as i made last minute changes. They communicated well, and turnaround time was very reasonable, about 3 weeks from order to delivery i think +/-. Quality is top notch and i cannot wait to put some use to her.


Got my CBI Bumper today. Took me right under 5 hours to install by myself. The install went pretty smooth. Steve and Nathan at CBI are AWESOME. I must have called steve like 7 Times with questions and he helped me through it. The color of the bumper matches my fenders EXACTLY. I cant even begin to describe the quality of this Tire Carrier. EVERY hole, bolt, screw lined up PERFECTLY. 100% bolt on!!! VERY HAPPY WITH IT!!!! Just need to wire up the License plate light and tow hitch plug.I must say their bumper is the best quality I have EVER seen. The work Steve and Nathan do over at CBI is second to none. The craftsmanship and quality is amazing.


I'm responding to the feedback regarding the 4th Gen 4runner sliders i ordered.

The sliders arrived on time and were in good condition. I did expected them to be powder coated black, but after reviewing the order and emails, I realized I forgot to ask for powder coating. A couple of hours of work, and some spray paint took care of the paint.

Well, after the fedex guy's stopped crying about how heavy the sliders were I had a chance to pick them up. I was impressed with how solid they felt and the quality of the welds. Top notch job!

I'm kind of new to buying parts that must be built, so based on my other purchases (front bumper, LCA skids, front & mid skids) I was expecting a longer wait time. The bumper and LCA skids were ordered weeks before the sliders and I have yet to hear from them on a shipping date (internet grumble is 4-6 month wait). Your turn around time is impressive! I would rate CBI with 5 stars. Communication was great, great quality product, best turn around time I have seen!

Keep up the great work!


Bumper was installed on the 14th and, with a couple of calls to you folks, went reasonably well. Initial impression is that the bumper looks great! Quality is better than expected.

Will send some pictures when I get out on the trail - hopefully, later this week.


Ron D.

Nathan & Steve,

I want to thank you for all your help and patience last week while I installed the front receiver hitch on my 2006 Tacoma.

First off, I have to comment on what a beautiful piece of steel you fabricated - clean welds, thick / even powder coat, all of it. And once I understood what oem pieces I needed to remove from the bumper, the hitch mounted in place perfectly!

Although pricey, shipping these two pieces from Idaho Falls to Calgary went without a hitch (no pun intended) and I was kept fairly well advised of their progress until they got to their destination.

As I mentioned to Steve, I will definitely be dropping by your business in the fall to have some rock sliders installed as I would like to meet you guys in person and see your shop. But in the meantime, you can be sure I will sing your praises to everyone I talk 4x4’s with and will certainly recommend they seriously check you out for any of the truck accessories you provide. In my opinion, it’s worth the distance, extra time and cost. I am very satisfied with both your product and customer service.

Best regards and see you in the fall,

Calgary, Alberta

Dennis H.

Got it installed and love it thanks again

Thomas L.

The front receiver for my Tacoma arrived today. That's what I call Great service, very fast and everything well wrapped to prevent damage. I know this won't mean anything to you guys down in the states but having it shipped Fedex to Canada also worked out great because when it arrived there were no extra brokerage fees etc unlike what UPS charges. So that was another bonus. I wouldn't hesitate to order from you again in the future. The first time I have to use it I'll try to remember to take some pics to show you. Thanks again for everything. Powell River B.C.

Jim H.

The bumper fit perfectly. Thanks for the great product!


Jeremy (Icon Vehicle Dynamics)Hey Nathan... just a heads up. The bumper went to powder coat last week and will be installed this weekend.

By the way...that bumper is awesome, the workmanship is amazing and you guys really have some talent working for you.

I will keep you in the loop as we make progress.
Thanks again.

Jeremy (Icon Vehicle Dynamics)

Sean and JennaHere's some pics of the 4Runner with the CBI rear bumper. We're extremely please with the way it looks and will be contacting you soon when we're ready for a front bumper.
Thanks again,

Sean and Jenna

HungThe shipping experience was great. The product arrived in good condition and without any noticeable damage. I have three highly modified vehicles and in turn have received many packages of varying sizes, shapes, weights, etc. and know how challenging it can be to protect, package, and handle items such as these heavy and awkward rock sliders.
My initial impression exceeded my expectations. Since all of the customization was done over the phone or via email, I was impressed that CBI Offroad Fab was able to meet my high level of expectations. Considering the substrate, the finished product is excellent - the powdercoat is smooth and even. Most of the weld splatter was removed and only the quality shows through. I have been modifying cars for well over ten (10) years and these are, in my opinion, high-end parts and one can see that time and care were spent in creating these.
My friend helped me weld on the sliders this past weekend (04/01) and everything went very smoothly. The frame plates were prepped and ready to go, so all I had to do was grind down and clean the truck's frame in order to accept the welds. The sliders were purchased and installed in preparation for a wheeling trip this upcoming weekend 04/06 - 04/08, so I can follow-up with any worthwhile feedback/updates.
My overall experience with CBI Offroad Fab was awesome!!! Eleven out of ten. 6 out of 5 stars. Nathan was a pleasure to work with and was very communicative and quick to respond to many (!) emails, inquiries, and telephone calls. Thanks goes out to the guy(s) that fabbed the sliders as well. I would not hesitate to purchase anything from CBI Offroad Fab in the future, and in fact, the only holding me back is money!!!
Thanks again,


Matt G.Finally had a chance to pickup my bumper from my buddies shop and drop it off with the powder coater today. I can't express how pleased I am with its construction. I'm extremely impressed and can't wait to have mounted to serve its purpose. I also appreciate the great communication during the purchase/build process and your willingness to customize a few things without huge financial penalties. You guys are a professional bunch with a product that matches and I look forward to doing business with you again.

Best Regards,

Matt G.

ColinIt is easy...based on the quality of work (especially welding) that Steve puts out.
This bumper is a true testament to that. Many miles it has survived.
Glad to promote that type of quality.


Received the bumper Monday morning. Everything appears to be there and in perfect shape. Our thanks to you and everyone who worked on the bumper, including the person who packed it on the pallet. Very professional.

Bruce & Heidi

I will get u guys pics ASAP. Bumper is on, fits good. I Will be welding the sides on this weekend. Powdercoat next week. I've just been really busy. I'll keep u guys posted. The truck is featured in 4x4 garage Toyota edition... Just hit shelves yesterday. Custom 4th gen 4Runner front bumper.

Phil R.

Nathan, Thank you for your customer service and fast response! In hindsight I should had been their when the bumper was delivered and inspected it myself (slight damage to powder coating). Lesson Learned!! I want to thank you for the fast order process and Quality bumper! I have to rely on Internet message boards for member feedback, pictures etc... to make my purchase decisions. I will not hesitate in recommending CBI to any one outfitting their vehicle. The refund is more than enough! Thank you again for the great customer service before and AFTER the sale.

Kevin R.

Thanks i was pleased with how fast they were delivered .I can't wait to get them put on thanks for the great service and the free t-shirt (little big but well shrink it ) and decal. Rock Sliders

Corey N.

Anthony M.Thanks for the quick reply. The rock sliders did indeed get delivered I had got a call from estes yesterday letting me know I could pick them up today. I had off work today so off I went! There were no issues at all and I have to say the craftsmanship and quality of these rock sliders are great. The powedercoating looks awesome too! Building them that extra 1/2" wide was perfect, I love the way they turned out and how they line up with my wheels. Here are a few pictures, I just bolted them on through the existing holes for now, as I didn't have time to drill all the holes yet.

I will post some pictures up on Tacomaworld once I get finished installing this weekend.

Thanks again,

Anthony M.

Thanks for your concern,once i got the broker in place the sliders were deliverd the next day, got them on yesterday, easy process,they fit perfectly
I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out


Nathan and CBI crew,

My sliders arrived yesterday... they look great!



Hey Nathan, I talked to Peter and he says he's more than happy with it. He said excellent job. Keep up the good work! Thank you! Fold down tire carrier. Basic model


Please provide a big "Thank you!" to your whole gang!

The sliders arrived intact and unscathed. Thanks for the
T-shirt!....There were no instructions but I didn't need any. They
went on so easily and flawlessly. I am really impressed with the
design, stoutness, fit, and finish and appreciate your follow-up
keeping me updated on the shipping. A quick search on the net provided
ample guidance for installation but I was over prepared.....they were
REALLY Easy to install and thank you so much for including all the
hardware (longer bolts, spacer washers, etc).....I used all of the
supplied hardware, didn't need anything else, AND (for like the first
time ever) there were no spare parts left over at the end!!!!

Kind regards,

Rob ("stayalert" on TTORA) M.
Norwich, Vermont

PS your goal (in your note below) was easily met and surpassed.

psssst don't tell my wife that these aren't running
boards.....Referring to them as running boards enabled me to swing the

Rob M.

Just wanted to let you know I picked up my sliders yesterday and they look great! They look good in pictures and everything but even better in person. Hopefully will get to put these on this weekend.

Just to let you know I lucked out on the shipping I was going to have almost a two hour drive to pick these up but Estes called Wednesday morning as I was leaving for work and they were able to send them up on a truck coming up to my town for a separate delivery.

Thank you for the great service and quick shipping I'll be sure to pass the good word on about you guys


Jacques L.

Just letting you know that my bumper arrived today and looks awesome. I only got a chance to look at it briefly due to being at work and my dad just driving by to show me it before he put it in his storage room. I will be painting it and installing it in about two weeks. I will be taking some pictures and putting them up on yotatech and expedition portal to show off your handy work just so you are aware. Thanks for all the communication throughout the process and working with me while I was figuring stuff out. I appreciate it greatly.


Eron R.

Thanks for the outstanding customer service, it is a rare thing anymore it seems and it was very much appreciated.

The photos on your website don't do justice to your work. This bumper is a thing of beauty. I feel sorry for the next person who backs into me in a parking lot or the next rock I tag with this thing.


Yes, the order arrived at my work last night and today I'll be able to pick them up and by the weekend have them installed. My initial impressions are I've very pleased with the sliders.... I'll be able to make a better determination when I get them installed and give them a try.

Thanks for the prompt service and the follow up. I'll definitely use you guys again and recommend you to any of my fellow enthusiasts.

Take care

Jason S.

I received the replacement mounting hardware for my sliders and I finally got them mounted. All I can say is that I love them. You guys do excellent work and have some of the best customer service around. You can guarantee I always include ya’lls name when I’m telling people about the parts on my truck. I will post pics up on the Facebook page as soon as I get some this evening. Thanks again for making awesome products and providing service that isn’t a hassle.

Chris J.

The delivery arrived yesterday and was dropped off at my office as requested. The sliders appear undamaged and in great condition.
Packaging included the sliders and hardware, along with some unexpected items like a t-shirt, window sticker, and your business card. Based on this experience I am confident that I will be purchasing bumpers from you in the future.
The snow is expected to start falling in the morning so I'm not sure if I will be able to get them painted right away, but I will send you photos of the truck when it's completed and off-road photos from Moab and the Uintas next spring.
Thanks for fantastic service, a fantastic product, and for supporting the Toyota community.

Dave P.

I have received the bumper and got it sprayed with bed liner and installed, and I must say that I love it. It look great on the truck and will withstand another college kid not paying attention to the road. I thank you again for the awesome customer service that ya’ll have and for the highest quality aftermarket bumpers I have seen. I will send pictures of the truck in action as soon as I get the chance to take it out.

Chris J.

Badass bumper! The lights look great, I'll get the spacing right on when I put it all together. Thanks for the hustle, when I get it on I'll throw up some pics on some of these forums.

Josh C.

Check it out, all finished! Crappy cell pic, but it fit and works perfect. Thank you!
There are a couple guys on the Frontier forum who really like this thing. I told them if they want one to contact you guys and just reference my truck so you’ll know what they’re talking about. No idea if they’ll really get one or not, but I am extremely pleased with it. Thank you again!

Mike R.

Thanks for the rear bumper,everything lined up perfectly I'm very happy how it looks on the truck. Thank you CBI Offroad.

Raymond T.

Just wanted to fire through a couple pictures of my rig, now that I have the rear bumper installed.

Super stoked with it - small details make the difference, such as the handle lock position (as in just below horizontal, tucked to the inside) as this
required the threads to end at the proper point. It would be a pain in the butt if it stopped/locked at any other position!

David L.

Got the hitch, the powder coating looks great and so does the fab work.

Thanks for the great product and speedy delivery


I received everything in good order, and the sliders bolted up perfectly. Thanks for the great product!

I'll try to get you some better pictures this summer.


Front receiver just came in. Looks very well made. Can't wait for time to get it mounted...


Bumper arrived today, looks really great. No damage or issues in transit. Estes Shipping was pretty painless to deal with, shipment was delayed by one day due to proper vehicle not available at terminal.
I wish I would have taken a picture of everything while it was still strapped to the pallet, great job packing and protecting bumper and misc items w/o using a ton of extra material. Can’t wait to paint it this weekend, actually that is a little bitter sweet since I looks so damn good in bare metal.
I’ll post some pictures once I get it installed.

Joshua B.

Hey Nathan, just wanted to say yes, I got the bumper, it's beautiful! Almost hate to put paint on it! The pictures on your website and on tacomaworld don't do it justice. You should add some pictures of an unfinished one.
Dropped it off at the Line-X place, I will give you a call before I go to put it on next week.
Thanks for the call and the emails, it's really appreciated.


I picked up my bumper and front receiver hitch and they look awesome! Beautiful work. I was shocked at how solid this bumper is. Photos on a web site just don't give the buyer a feel for how beefy these really are. I really like the way the receiver on the bumper turned out. I think it looks better square than angled anyway though I understand some will scream about the ground clearance. I like way the Warn electrical plug came out. That looks pretty sweet and I am not sure the electrical cable from the winch would have been long enough without it. I wasn't expecting the light buckets to be square, but they look cool!

Mark M.

I picked it up yesterday and dropped it off at powder coat today. Those guys were drooling over the work y'all did.


This thing is awesome. Its exactly what I wanted. Great job. Eventually I'm going to want some sliders, and I will definitely let you guys know when I'm ready for that. Thank you for an awesome product.

Brad S.

I did, indeed, receive everything. I finally got a chance to go by the Line-X place yesterday afternoon and take a look at everything; it all looks great! I am very excited to get them on my truck. It was a pleasure doing business with you and if I need anything else, I will definitely give you a call!

Eric F.

Got the bumper, came in great shape. Nice work, I see a lot of high quality welding and your work really looks good. I have some guys working for me who are going to give it a spray coat of Ameron 400 in gloss black. I have a few things to finish up and I’ll send some photos when installed.

Dave D.

Finally got around to installing the rear bumper. Amazing bumper. Everything lined up perfectly. Your guys fab work and design is awesome.


I am surprised how helpful your company is, most other companies are rude or hard to communicate with. I will definitely be referring friends in the future.

James H.

The bumper looks awesome on the truck by the way! and the sliders too.

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Ulf Nyberg

Here are some pictures of the sliders and rear bumper installed on my truck. Thanks for the work I am very pleased with the end result. Feel free to use the pics in the gallery on your website if you wish.


Thank you guys for everything! I've never dealt with such good customer service. I'll make sure to tell all my friends about your service when
they start looking for bumpers for their trucks. As soon as I put the bumper on and everything I'll make sure to send you guys a pic of my
truck for your site. Thanks again.


Yes I received the carrier and what a great product it is. Measurements were really good all around. I need to place a small 1/8 inch to 1/4 shim in the 2" receiver just to snug up the fitting but other than that the carrier will do the job perfectly. Many thanks to you and your team for doing such a good job. When I get everything set up I'll send you some pictures to add on the site.


Just wanted to thank you and the guys at the shop for the great work you all did fabricating my rear bumper! I got a chance to put it on this past weekend and am beyond thrilled with the way it turned out! I just used spray paint for the time being so the finish isn't perfect right now (though I still think it looks awesome), but I am planning to get it Line-Xed and get my exhaust re-routed by the end of the year so I'll send you some updated pics when that happens. Also put your sticker on my back left window so everybody will know where I got my gear from! Hope all continues to go well in the shop.

Matt B.

As I said before the shipment looked untouched, the box was fine on the pallet.
I have just finished opening and unpacking your shipment. Everything looks fine.
It looks as though a very fine packaging job was done and a very fine shipment job was done.
I can find no fault at all.


I got over to see the bumper yesterday and it looks great, very well built. My brother-in-law, Paul, was very impressed with it. He is the owner of Precision Auto and will be mounting the bumper.

Mike K.

Thanks Nathan and team for my tire rack. I’m very pleased with the quality and workmanship. See my post online for photos.


Awesome. Thanks for the fast shipping and when it's time for bumpers you guys will get my business.


I received the tire carrier today. The package arrived in good shape, and everything inside was in order.

Have to say, I'm very impressed with the engineering and welding that went into this. The powder coating job also looks first rate. The flat, textured finish looks awesome!

I'll be posting a review with images of the carrier on Club Touareg once I install the unit. Will post a link when it's up. Don't be surprised if you hear from other T'reg owners.



Also just to let you know I picked up the sliders and carrier and installed both last night, the fit is second to none! I am so happy with the way they fit, let me know about the bumpers please.

Corey W.