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3rd Gen. 4runner Rock Sliders

This 4Runner features CBI Offroad weld on rock sliders. It is a 3rd generation Toyota 4Runner from Canada. Due to the mounting options available for this generation of 4Runner we only offer weld on sliders. We feel that the mounting would be insufficient for bolt on rock sliders to put the CBI name on it so we do not build them.

The weld on rock slider however function great! With the unmatched quality of CBI Offroad and our uniquely designed weld plates that actually make the vehicle stronger, you can be sure your rock sliders will handle the test of abuse. They are also a great point to use your recovery jack. The owner of this Toyota will be back in a month or so to get the full CBI Offroad treatment featuring front and rear bumper with tire swing away that will finish it off.

Stay tuned….!