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VW Buggy Cage

Custom Fabricated VW Buggy Cage

Two weeks ago we had a customer drop in who said he wanted to do a cage for his VW Buggy. We weren’t quite sure what he had in mind or even what the vehicle looked like so we asked him to bring it by the following week so that we could take a look and make a plan of attach.

The following week he shows up towing his buggy behind is Ford Super Duty. The buggy is a work in progress for him and he has decided to fix it up and make a summer cruiser out of it. His plan is to basically do a restoration and get it to where it is a fast looking run around car. He currently has a new motor being built for it and is collecting many of the parts to start putting it all together.

Our task was to make a cage that would help keep with the race car look of the buggy and to add style and some protection and lighting features. We also needed to keep the back seat area intact and usable for kids that would be filling those seats.

It didn’t take Steve long to come up with some great ideas that not only kept with the customer’s requirements but added to the overall look and feel of the buggy. Matter of fact we started adding a few other items because the cage was turning out so well. One of the coolest things that we added were small cut and notched tube pieces that will house LED brake lights and turn signals. The coolest thing about these lights is that they slide right inside the end of the tubing for a super clean, factory look.

Take a gander at the pictures below that follow the cage through some of the build and through its final stage. Several months from now when the customer gets it finished we hope to post the completed car so everyone can see the transformation. Thanks Doug for letting us be a part of your VW Buggy!

*Check out the photos for more detailed descriptions of the cage build*