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Hunting Trucks – Chevy/Ford Raptor

A while back a great guy who is local to CBI Offroad’s fab shop stopped in and needed a hunting truck built that would withstand his hunting excursions in Mexico. The requirements were tons of protection to handle the abuse and tons of functionality that would allow him to appropriately take his clients on the best hunting excursions of their lives! Needless to say the first truck turned out awesome!

The great part is this same customer recently returned to have his second hunting truck built… This time however we would be working with a brand new Ford Raptor 4 door! Again the objective is similar. We are to build a truck that is fairly light weight considering the modifications, but one that is built to handle serious off-road abuse. Not only will this truck have to handle the the hunting crew it will transport and all of their gear, but it will also have to handle high speed desert travel to and from hunting destinations. The second truck (Ford Raptor) is in progress as we speak and will be finished in the coming weeks.

Raptor in Use today:

Raptor at SEMA 2012

New 2011 Ford Raptor 4 Door:

Previous Build: