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Jereme’s Custom Super Duty

The first of the summer we built a custom rear bumper and tire carrier for Jereme’s Ford Super Duty. He just sent us some pictures of the finished product after he powder coated it and mounted all the goodies up. We wanted to share his experience and what he has done. Here is what Jereme had to say in his own words about the project:

“So, I finally decided on my rear bumper. Actually I decided a couple of months ago and booked a few days with the builder, but I didn’t want to write anything before I had the finished product. I thought I scheduled it out far enough that I would be able to drive myself (Foot is still in a boot), but it didn’t work out that way. What’s the next best thing to driving yourself? Talking your father into an all expenses paid trip to the state next door. We used to take a lot of road trips together including throughout college and this seemed like a great time to catch up.

I wanted a bumper that was close fitting, provided superior protection and clean lines. I have always liked the lines of the CBI bumper for the Tacoma’s. While talking to Redline (www.roadtraveler.net) one day I asked him if he was still pleased with his prototype 4Runner bumper from CBI of Idaho. He stated he was and gave it high remarks. He’s had his for a long time and many miles. We also had another local friend that mounted a CBI on his 4Runner as well. Both of these guys use their stuff, so it seemed like another push towards CBI.

I made the first of what turned out to be a series of calls to CBI and spoke with Steve. Without a miss, every phone call or e-mail was answered with what seemed to be an enthusiastic answer to my questions. I told him i wanted a “Super sized Tacoma bumper” and that is exactly what the guys at CBI delivered. We drove to Idaho Falls on tuesday, secured a hotel room for the next three days along with a rental car and after reaffirming my want list, dropped the truck off for three very long days at the shop.

CBI goes full size…

I didn’t want to spend the additional time in Idaho to wait for powder coating, so I took it home bare.

The propane basket can also double as a fire wood hauler, or an additional double can mount if needed. We kept the spare vertical to prevent it from hitting the camper and tying to keep the weight as close to the swing arm as possible. Because of the many intended uses of the propane basket I asked that there be no attachment to secure it. I will most likely use a ratchet strap. The can basket will fit either Scepter or Wedco’s. The top security plate fits the Scepters better (He built it with my Scepters, I changed them out when I got home.).

CBI has started offering tables on a lot of their bumpers and it seems to be a pretty popular option. Since I have a full size truck and a full size Partner stove, I asked for a full size table (Their standard table would have cleared the three burner Partner with approximately one inch on each side). I also asked that the right portion of the table be left free of dimple dies, so that it can be used as a prep area. I have the hardware and cables, but I am not going to install those until after it gets back from the powder coater. That’s why it’s held in place with a ratchet strap.

You will also notice that the table is offset to the right to prevent the camper door from hitting it.

Overall I’m very pleased with the bumper. Steve worked around the design requirements to fit the camper. i.e. the side armor could not extend past the fender flares because they would have interfered with the telescoping camper jacks and the position of the spindle. The rest of the bumper provides great protection without the unnecessary bulk that’s so common on other full size truck offerings. “